Lab Meeting

02/09/24 Yiyu Wang from Northwestern

02/16/24 Journal Club presented by Tommy Kan - Action-Perception Coupling and Near Transfer:
Listening to Melodies after Piano Practice Triggers Sequence-Specific Representations in the
Auditory-Motor Network

02/23/24 Carlos Velazquez - "Learning to abstract visuomotor mappings using Meta-reinforcement learning"

03/01/24 Jonathan Tsay from Cambridge

03/15/24 Cognitive Control of Action Workshop

03/22/24 Mohan Gupta PhD dissertation defense

03/29/24 Jonathan Daniels

04/12/24 Sam McDougle from Yale

04/19/24 Mohan Gupta

04/26/24 Marissa Fassold

05/03/24 Senior and Junior presenters