Lab Meeting


09/21/2023 "TBD"


06/29/23 Alexei Taylor "Neuroimaging as a biomarker for Alzheimer’s Disease progression"

05/25/23 Jonathan Daniels "M1 motor mappings"

05/18/23 Sara Falcone "Embodiment VR study result"

05/11/23 Carlos Velazquez-Vargas "Grid game data"

05/04/23 Olivia Kim " Costs of applying cognitive strategies during the VMR task"

04/27/23 Tommy Kan "Workshop on multidimensional scaling"

04/20/23 No lab meeting

04/13/23 Jordan Taylor "Discussion of 'Abstract sequential task control is facilitated by practice and embedded motor sequences"

04/06/23 No lab meeting

03/30/23 Sara Falcone "Regular expressions"