Lab Meeting

07/15/22 Carlos Velázquez "Progress on grid navigation experiments"

05/27/22 Jonathan Daniels "Behavioral representational similarity analysis of learned motor movement: A pilot study"

05/13/22 Carlos Velázquez "Working memory constraints on visuomotor adaptation"

05/05/22 Olivia Kim "Some investigations into the cost of mental rotation"

04/15/22 Jonathan Daniels "Human development of a repertoire of functional motor skills"

04/01/22 Naser Al-Fawakhiri "The influence of reward and task error on implicit motor learning"

03/18/22 Al Borno "Computational models of human movement"

02/25/22 Carlos Velázquez "Learning novel sensorimotor mappings in a grid navagation task"

02/18/22 Olivia Kim "Rotation preferences"

01/28/22 Jordan Taylor Grant proposal discussion

10/22/21 Olivia Kim "The effects of task success on implicit adaptation: Data overview and future directions"

10/08/21 Carlos Velázquez "Building internal models of de novo skills"

08/27/21 Jordan Taylor "The influence of planning processes on learning an internal mapping de novo"

07/23/21 Olivia Kim "Inhibition of the inferior olive is sufficient for extinction of cerebellar motor learning" for Japan Neuroscience Society

06/25/21 Olivia Kim Data presentation

06/17/21 Olivia Kim "Remotely quantifying visuomotor learning with and without movement" for BeOnline

05/28/21 Carlos Velázquez "Generalization in novel visuomotor associations" for PDP

05/14/21 Olivia Kim "Investigating interactions between sensory and reward prediction errors"

05/07/21 Carlos Velázquez "Increased exploration of goal-centered space underlies successful generalization in a grid navigation task"

04/30/21 Kasey Bowyer and Thea Dimapeles - Senior thesis presentations

04/29/21 Guest speaker James Brissenden

04/16/21 Sarah Wilterson "Reinforcement learning in de novo motor skills"

04/09/21 Olivia Kim, Carlos Velázquez, Carlo Campagnoli "NCM practice"

03/26/21 Alkis Hadjiosif (of the Brain, Learning, Animation, and Movement Lab) "Did we get sensorimotor adaptation wrong? Implicit adaptation as direct policy updating rather than forward-model-based learning"

03/19/21 Carlos Velázquez "Multiple goals and multiple ways of achieving one goal can induce model learning in arbitrary visuomotor associations"

03/05/21 Olivia Kim "Learning through aiming"

02/26/21 Carlo Campagnoli "Proposed Intuitive physics experiments"

02/19/21 Carlos Velázquez "Learning and retrieving models of de novo skills - Part II"

02/05/21 Sarah Wilterson "Reinforcement learning in de novo motor skills"

01/29/21 Carlos Velázquez "Learning and retrieving models of de novo skills"

01/22/21 Olivia Kim "Seeking feedback on grant submission"

01/08/21 Guest speaker Scott Albert

12/18/20 Jordan Taylor and Sam McDougle "New grant proposal"

12/11/20 Olivia Kim "Seeking feedback on proposed experiments"

12/04/20 Jordan Taylor "Dissection of grant reviewer comments and proposed follow-up"

11/13/20 Carlos Velázquez "Contextual effects on new motor skills"

11/06/20 Carlo Campagnoli "Exploring how humans perceive and simulate physics - Part II"

10/30/20 Olivia Kim "Simulations of interactions between sensory- and reward-prediction errors during implicit adaptation and explicit learning"

10/23/20 Sarah Wilterson "Model-based and model-free processes in learning de novo skills"

10/16/20 Will McCarthy (PhD student at UCSD) "Learning to build physical structures"

10/09/20 Carlos Velázquez "The effect of contextual cues on de novo learning"

10/02/20 Carlo Campagnoli "Exploring how humans perceive and simulate physics"

09/25/20 Guest speaker Sam McDougle